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September 15: Read Jeremiah 16:16-19

by Brenda Bowers PhD on September 15, 2020

Jeremiah had a tough job as a prophet. He consistently warned the Lord’s people about what they were facing in the hands of an angry God. This passage is no different. Jehovah spoke to the prophet to declare to the people how their sin would be  punished versus how to avoid their trespasses from God’s wrath.

Judah chose to leave their refuge and, as a result, they walked into a fisherman’s net and a hunter’s bow. In the same token, the God of Mercy provided a word of comfort through Jeremiah’s cry. He made a plea to the Lord of Strength, Fortress, and Refuge during a time of distress. The prophet was calling out the generational curse from the forefathers that was part and parcel of the disobedience God was seeing. This was not excused by the Lord, but He mitigated this by remaining available to provide security and refuge for those willing to seek His face.

Make certain you do not perish on the hill of ancestry sins.
Instead, choose to abide in the Refuge of the Almighty!

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