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As You Prepare

    Jul 24, 2020 | by Brenda Bowers PhD

    As you prepare for the known of the week some with joy and some with trepidation and lament; remember to also anticipate the unknown.   Those things that can’t be planned for, are never expected, that have no warning, but yet, somehow show up as part of the time and chance that comes to us all.  

    Yet and still, we can anticipate that they may sprout up to welcome us at some point throughout this week.  These happenstances can be exciting, heart wrenching, breathtaking, and /or permanently life-changing.   What ever the case may be, try to be more solid in your character each second this week. 

    Work on solidifying your value-set and stabilizing your moral compass.   If these are intact, then the earth-shattering surprise party may disrupt the external but your internal which is eternal will remain unshaken.  Holdfast to the true you.   Your deepest self is depending on it!  DRBRENDAB

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