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A WORD 4 U, INC. is an organization committed to sharing a relevant word of encouragement whether from the Holy Scriptures, current events, life experiences, education, or expertise to support the positive advancement of our broader society, one word at a time!  Dr. Brenda J. Bowers, PhD, DNP, founder CEO and President. 

Is there a Word from the Lord?  Yes, there is A Word 4 You!

    Heat Waves
    07.23.20 | Articles | by Brenda Bowers PhD

    July 23 AWORD4U Heatwaves are longed for in the winter as is a cool breeze in the depth of summer where there seems to be no conditioned air to be found.

      If Talk Is Cheap
      07.22.20 | Articles | by Brenda Bowers PhD

      July 22 AWORD4U If talk is cheap, then no wonder we are going bankrupt as citizens of this great planet.  Much ado about nothing is more than a cliché, it is a state that if perpetuated creates a difficult row to tow in order to get back to the...