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God Has Given You Power

Few call outs:

  • The attack of God's people has been constant so we have to be watchful, vigilant and diligent in doing what thus sayeth the Lord.
  • The flight of affliction against God's people has been none stop but God teaches us how to go through and how to overcome. 
  • To win this battle you win it in your mind.   Thoughts and intents are what causes actions and outcomes. 
  • When you change the intents and thoughts you will change the outcomes and your actions. 
  • More importantly you will change God's response towards you. 
  • Your destiny is set in God, your life is hidden in Christ.  It is unfair to look at one circumstance to say God is not blessing you.  

Speaker: Bill Bowers

September 19, 2021
Romans 7:16-8:5

Bill Bowers

President and Co- Founder / Apostle Billy Bowers

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