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Heat Waves

    Jul 23, 2020 | by Brenda Bowers PhD

    Heatwaves are longed for in the winter as is a cool breeze in the depth of summer where there seems to be no conditioned air to be found.   It begs the question as to whether there is indeed a climatic state in which there is complete satisfaction with no adjustments desired in any fashion. 

    If so, then let’s seek such a place when it cannot be found from the elements outdoors.  If not, then we must admit that there is no soothing of the savage that lies within mankind.  The former seems easier but the latter maybe a bit more intriguing.  Either way, find a cool room today, a fan with a breeze, an air-conditioned space, a fun movie in a comfortable theatre, or a shad tree by the beach. 

    Wherever you are and in whatever frame you may be in right now, remember, you are living in a day in which you can feel the breeze be it hot or cold.  That in and of itself should be satiation for your soul!    DRBRENDAB

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