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If Talk Is Cheap

    Jul 22, 2020 | by Brenda Bowers PhD


    If talk is cheap, then no wonder we are going bankrupt as citizens of this great planet.  Much ado about nothing is more than a cliché, it is a state that if perpetuated creates a difficult row to tow in order to get back to the facts that matter. 

    Logorrhea can be enticing and even entertaining but when its content is only rhetoric lacking substance then the dynamic becomes stagnant and ineffective.  Words are powerful, in fact life and death reside in the tongue. 

    Therefore, we must consider the impact of what we say because ears listen for what is omitted not just that which is committed.  Say what you mean and mean what you say can be rehearsed but if it lacks authenticity, the intangible will speak louder than the audibly verbal. 

    The current climate of our world environment demands integrity, honesty, and respect for all in order to shift back into an environment that can trust, heal, revive, and bear fruit that will yield the same.   

    Today is another opportunity for us to prove that impossible can be transformed to “Im Possible.”  When we activate our internal “possible” the seemingly impossibilities of hope, love, and mutual appreciation all dissipate and thy manifest into realities. 

    This takes our individual “I’m” commitments of making “possible” the fabric, core and DNA of the character and personage of our nations and turns ever “I” into “us”, each “them” into “we”, and all dissension into harmony.  We can, we must, we shall!           DRBRENDAB

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