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Small Provision Group Study on King of kings

November 11, 2020 6:30pm

Contact: James Fields-BowersJames Fields-Bowers

We are excited our church has implemented Provision Groups.  The purpose of these weekly groups is to aid you in spiritual growth while reflecting on the scriptures.

For twenty-six weeks, our focus will be on an elaborate and detailed study of the King of kings.   

  • We must know the story to fully walk and operate in the promises and the gifts that God has ordained for us as believers.  
  • Knowing the History of Israel will help us identify supernatural divine revelations in time and space and promote our faith- Salvation History.
  • The History of Israel gives ground to our Christian beliefs.  If the history of Israel is not true, then our theology based on such history would just be speculation.
    • Faith in the Old Testament: past events - how God dealt  with His people. 
    • Faith in the New Testament: is rooted in the resurrection, I. Corn. 15:12-19.  Past event with past, present and future results.
  • Our Goal: Build our HISTORICAL FAITH - committing to Bible study and learning the reign of God in a variety of seasons so that we can be confident in knowing how God will reign in our present season.

The meetings will take place virtually using the Zoom platform each Wednesday.   The study outline is available below in the  Notes button.  For more information you may contact.

James Fields-Bowers and Lauren Fields-Bowers

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