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September 12: Read Psalm 46:1-11

by Brenda Bowers PhD on September 12, 2020

In the lowest moments of our lives, we must never forget that God is our Refuge, our place of shelter and security, no matter the situation. This passage highlights our dependency on the Lord’s character of being our strength and help when it’s needed “right now!”

In the chaos of unholy, unsettling circumstances, our God’s holy place and streams of living water remain, ready to lend us merciful help when problems first arise. He stops wars and destroys weapons on our behalf.

Our Refuge calls His people to be still and know that He is God, and that He is exalted among the enemies of the earth.

Today, will you welcome His presence and live in the safety and comfort of His loving arms? Will you worship Him?

My prayer is that your answer is, Selah! (This is a word found in Psalms that lifts the voice loud, then pauses to receive the very Present Help in Times of Trouble).

With the psalmist, we too can say, “The Lord is my Refuge!"

Copyright ©2018 by Brenda J. Bowers


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