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September 13: Read Psalm 91:1-16

by Brenda Bowers PhD on September 13, 2020

The safest place in the entire world is in the will of God, described in this passage as the secret place of the Most High God and the shadow of the Almighty. It is a divine hiding place available to those who are willing to put their trust in and dependence on the Lord of Refuge. We are given the opportunity to choose God as our Protector.

The entrapment of the fowler and noises of the pestilents are overcome by the faith of those who seek refuge in the mercy seat of the Redeemer. This promise is true regardless of what happens—and the believer will not be hurt in the process. This may be difficult to comprehend in our natural minds, but if we walk in the Spirit, then the refuge becomes visible, attainable, and accessible.

We never have to remain vulnerable and exposed to danger if we welcome this melodic psalm that provides courage to face all of life’s storms.

Copyright ©2018 by Brenda J. Bowers


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