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September 14:Read Proverbs 14:23-26

by Brenda Bowers PhD on September 14, 2020

The book of Proverbs, penned by Solomon, is a collection of short sayings that express truths for practical, Godly living. This particular proverb points to work as a path to profit, whether  laboring with one’s head or hands. Here are some examples:

  • w Mere talk and noise only produces poverty.
  • The wisdom of the wise is their crown, versus the folly of
    fools, which yields unsoundness.
  • Life depends on truthfulness and when lies override the
    truth, deceitfulness can appear authentic.
  • When the Lord is feared with reverence, even their descendants find refuge.

To fully understand the meaning of Proverbs, seek the Lord,
and wisdom will follow.

Sometimes, it only takes a few wise words to change recklessness into refuge. Are you choosing wisely?

Copyright ©2018 by Brenda J. Bowers


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