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September 16: Read Hebrews 6:10-18

by Brenda Bowers PhD on September 16, 2020

There are characteristics of God that must never be blotted out or forgotten—because He doesn’t forget. Your work and labor of love will be rewarded, so do not stop your efforts just because your reward appears delayed. We are to imitate those who have mastered laboring in love. It is a lifelong effort that is visible to the Lord every single time you perform a Godly act. 

The refuge of God’s promises are so secure that He swore by His own name to Abraham when He engaged in covenant agreement with him. God is unchanging and He never lies. Therefore, it should be with great ease that our faith clings to the safe and secure refuge of our Lord and King.

Whenever the temptation arises to sow hatred instead of love, lean strongly toward love actions that spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ until His return.

Will you safely love, securely work, reach for your reward,
and reside in His refuge?

Copyright ©2018 by Brenda J. Bowers


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